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Temple of the Jew: (A Brief) Hunger Strike

It’s Yom Kippur and we’re going hungry.

(the official song of the 2012 High Holidays)

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‘Survivor: One World’ – Going with Your Gut

First off, we apologize for the two-week hiatus.  We took, what we consider to be, a well-deserved holiday, and are just now getting back into the swing of things.  However, while we were gone Survivor: ONE WORLD! just kept going, including a shake-up at Big Mike’s Co-Ed Dorm that displaced its namesake.  With the Salami and Manano-hope tribes merging earlier than anyone could have or should have expected, the game, as Tarzan would say (and does repeatedly), is afoot, and head into this lastest episode with always-a-bridal-shop-owner-never-a-bride Kim at a crossroads: does she stick with her alliance of four with Chelsea, Troyzan and Jayzan, or maintain her gender ties with the original Salami tribe.  She straddled both sides for a couple Tribal Councils, convincing Jay and Troyzan to vote out the biggest of the Mikes, but now she must pick her side and reveal her true colors.

For Tarzan it’s all just fun and games, but for the rest of the players this is real.

Read on: Jay’s stomach was bigger than his eyes…

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Gut Yontiff, Jews

In honor of the high holidays, and the impending arrival of the holiest of holies, we present the opening to Bridget Loves Bernie, a short-lived, high-rated CBS sitcom from 1972 that was canceled by CBS execs in response to complaints from viewers about the interfaith relationship between a gentile and a gentleman that serves as the show’s core.  We must thank the A.V. Club’s Primer of 70s sitcoms, which brought this forgotten program to our attention just yesterday.

What is especially interesting about this is that after the show was canceled, stars Meredith Baxter and David Birney (not a Jew) wed.  And what’s especially interesting about that is that 35 years and one husband later Meredith Baxter came out as a lesbian.  Now imagine what that show would have been like!  Too soon, America?  Too real?

Alright, the sun will soon set so get in that last slice of pizza.  Let’s have an easy fast, guys.  A lot of hustle, a lot of focus.  And we’ll meet to break the fast tomorrow night.  I’ll bring the bagels, you bring the napkins.


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