Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Next Movie Star (And He’s Just Like Us)

As if Jason Sudeikis needed to endear himself to us even more, he went on Conan last night that and showed that he’s into the exact same things we are: beer and wings.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A couple personal notes on this particular food and drink conversation, starting with the latter.  When we were just college students at Medford, Massachusetts” illustrious Tufts University our Thursday night ritual was to grocery shop at Shaw’s in Porter Square, grab a super burrito at Anna’s Taqueria in Davis Square (fucking amazing, btw), pick up a 30 case, or “rack,” of beer at Crowley’s Liquors, aka “the packy,” in Ball Square (yep, the greater Boston area is just littered with Squares), and then decamp home for Survivor (which included LT. Tom Westman’s Palau season, also fucking amazing).  And, as college students, we of course opted for the cheapest 30 rack, which frequently meant Natural Light (or Natty Ice, if we were in a particularly rambunctious mood).  So, while we whole-heartedly agree with Sudeikis that its bouquet does offer a hint of piss, it’s one of the beers we grew up on, and it’s near and dear to our formative college experience.  You give me a 30 rack of Natty Light, and I’ll show you a good time (especially if anyone has a copy of Anchorman handy).

Secondly, the Buffalo Wild Wings that Sudeikis mentions frequenting is somewhat near our old apartment in Park Slope.  It’s located in the Atlantic Center, where we often caught the LIRR, shopped at the country’s worst Target (the world’s worst Target, however, is in Melbourne, Australia), got into an argument over cell phones with a Circuit City employee, and once saw a couple of delinquents rumble out front.  It’s also adjacent to the future home of the Brooklyn Nets.  And while we’ve never eaten at that particular Buffalo Wild Wings (or any of them, in fact), we have been there once, the afternoon our grandfather passed away.  Upon hearing the news of his passing we rushed to the Atlantic Center to catch a train out to Long Island, only to miss it by a matter of minutes.  So what did we do to kill time until the next train?  That’s right, went to Buffalo Wild Wings and had a beer, beginning my mourning period in one of the most unlikeliest of places.  And, even in that trying time, it seemed like a nice spot to scarf down some wings, down a few brews and catch a game with some buds.  Hopefully then, we’ll return there some day under brighter circumstances, and perhaps enjoy some suds with the Suds.

The question now: do we see Hall Pass?  We just might.  It looks very iffy, but it might be worth it for 90 minutes of Sudeikis on the big screen.

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