Parting Shot: Three Broken Hearts

“It wasn’t supposed to be this way.  Not for us.”


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3 responses to “Parting Shot: Three Broken Hearts

  1. Paul

    Patrick Muldoon is still a jerk.

  2. skeim01

    The worst. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, if I ever saw him on the street there would be trouble.

    • Paul Cross

      And I know what people are thinking, “Patrick Muldoon is not Jeff, you can’t physically hate the Actor can you?”.

      My answer to that is YES! He chose to play Jeff, which means he allowed the screenwriters to actually continue with the downfall of Zach and Kelly, every actor should have said “NAY! I will not partake in that!” but he did, he probably didn’t even give it a second thought. He’s the kind of actor that would put on Blackface if the check was right, so guess what Patrick Muldoon, you really are a jerk!

      And also he tried to break up Johnny and Carmen in Starship Troopers, have you learned nothing Patrick Muldoon? Why don’t you just go ahead and kill Mozart while your at it.

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