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Hockey’s Back! (Part 2)


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More ‘SNL’ Revisionist History: The Disappearing Denzel

We briefly mentioned in our earlier SNL recap the mangled ending to the “Tax Masters” sketch, where it sounded like an open walkie stepped on Fred Armisen’s closing line, so the sketch, and the show went out with a clumsy whimper.  However, we neglected to note that this was the second odd conclusion of the night.  Earlier, at the end of the “Returns and Exchanges” sketch we could see Jay Pharoah lurking mysteriously in the background after his Denzel Washington retired to the stockroom (thanks to Videogum for reminding us, and for their superior review).  The sketch itself had a weird, head scratching ending where Bobby Moynihan’s employee simply says “Who’s next?”  Considering the clunky finish, it’s possible that Pharoah was supposed to reappear for an additional line or two, but there was some confusion and instead the sketch ended with Moynihan’s awkward coda.  Or, perhaps, Pharaoh simply wanted to watch the end of the sketch, and didn’t realize that he’d be visible in the shot.  Unlike the other rookies, Pharoah’s background is in stand-up and impressions, not sketch and improv, so it’s feasible that his inexperience with sketch comedy led to this blunder.  This is why, for the near future, we’ll probably see Pharoah mostly as a guest on “Weekend Update,” or in sketches where his characters speak directly to camera.

But, not surprisingly, the show is retroactively erasing the gaffe.  If you watch the clip on Hulu, Pharoah is not to be found looming in the background, unsure of where to go.  But if you look closely at the right side, you can see that they’ve edited Pharoah out of frame, leaving a small sliver of his black suit jacket and mismatched wainscoting as evidence.  Take a look:



Not surprisingly, they also cleaned up the end of the “Tax Masters” for viral consumption.

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Saturday Night Live?  More like Saturday Night We’ll Get It In Post!


And, on top of all that, here’s what you didn’t see broadcast:

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You’ve to get up pretty early in the morning to pull one over on a blogger who watches SNL late on Sunday and then writes about it on Monday afternoon.


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Muppet Monday: ‘Sesame Street’ is Now Like ‘MadTV’, But Good

Sesame Street has long been in the pop culture parody business; in fact that’s basically it’s whole model, come up with concepts that will educate children but also entertain adults. But lately, they’re becoming kings of the genre, with Mad Men, 30 Rock and, most recently, True Blood parodies.  And now they’ve moved even further from the mainstream with their version of Old Spice’s “Smell Like a Man” campaign:

Between Grover and Justine Bateman we’re feeling really uncool.

Next up, no doubt, is the Sad Elmo campaign.  Or maybe Cigar Kermit.

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‘SNL’: Plain Jane

Not that Jane Lynch was sub-par in her first (of hopefully many) outing as host of SNL,  quite the contrary, but it’s that, once again, the material failed to live up to the vast talents of the host.  It’s confusing, bewildering and frustrating that they keep wasting their resources.  Perhaps, as we felt with the Zach Galifianakis show last season, the writing staff is actually less motivated by a talented host; they rely on the host to elevate the material, so what they deliver is second-rate.  It’s just a theory, and probably misguided and misinformed, but you also can’t ignore the body of evidence, because, while this week’s show was better than last week, it wasn’t a great improvement.  We saw plenty of Jane Lynch (and plenty of wigs), but nothing truly memorable.

Read on: Gilly on Glee? Is that all you got? Also: who did SNL rip-off this week?

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Happy Chris Columbus Day!

For the kids.

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What’s weird is that the same thing happened to me on the way back from Comic Con.

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