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Parting Shot

Bon appétit

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Danza Speaks!

Our friends at Urlesque snagged an exclusive interview with the teacher-boss, who explains why he still refuses to revive his Twitter account, despite the blog’s massive campaign.  Relent, Tony, relent!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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The Many Loves of Michael Scott

We might never know from whom Michael contracted herpes, or if the unsightly sore on his face was in fact the nasty little disease (although, we can probably trust Meredith’s expert diagnosis).  But what we can surmise is that the unflattering blemish is perhaps the best thing that has ever happened to Michael, because it has put him on a path towards genuine self-reflection and, we can only hope, reconciliation with true love Holly Flax.  Who ever heard of an STD bringing two people closer together?

Read on: How Sex Ed is the answer to Casino Night. Plus: The return of the real Andy Bernard

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