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Gratuitous Search Term Bait of the Day: Hail to the Chef

Well, after a Muppetless week, you’re going to get a second dose tonight, along with another helping of blog stalwart SNL, as today’s search term is “swedish chef andy samberg.”  But since we’ve already done a Swedish Chef post for this feature, and we sample enough Andy Samberg on this blog, we’re going to blend SNL and culinary expertise to bring you this little entree, one of our all-time favorites:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And if you had your heart set on Andy Samberg as the Swedish Chef, here’s a little dessert.



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Gratuitious Search Term Bait of the Day: Hot Stuff Coming Through

Nice and easy today with the term “swedish chef.”  But, instead of offering up a Muppet Show clip, which might have been the obvious choice, we’re going to use this as yet another opportunity to showcase one of our favorite Muppet outings, The Muppets at Walt Disney World.  This also allows us to enjoy another one of our most beloved Muppets, Beaker, who in this clip seeks out the Chef’s help in extricating himself from a rather tight situation.

And with that we’re off to make some chili!

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Muppet Monday: The Muppets Break Their Personal Record For Two-Page Photo Speads in Entertainment Weekly in One Calendar Year

We assume.  Because for the second time in three issues Entertainment Weekly features a Muppet a full color Muppet photo across two pages.  The first appeared in the recent “Reunions” issue, a Muppet Show cast photo, and the new issue of the magazine offers the first glimpse of the gang (along with Jason Segel) in their upcoming return to the big screen, The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made.

(click to enlarge)

The image also presents our first look at Walter, a new tech-savvy, young Muppet who reportedly plays Segel’s roommate in the film.  He could also possibly be Guy Smiley’s illegitimate son.

One concerning omission in the photo: Pepe the Prawn is nowhere to be found.  He doesn’t appear in the first photo, but that was appropriate because he joined the Muppets many years after the Muppet Show (for the Muppet Show redux Muppets Tonight), but he’s arguably been the most popular Muppet of the past 10 years or so, and the only new Muppet since the Muppet Show to truly become a core member of the Muppet troupe.  It’s probably just an innocent mistake, but until we see another two-page spread in the Christmas issue, we’ll be holding our breath.

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Muppet Monday: Don’t Call it a Reunion, They’ve Been Here For Years

In last week’s Entertainment Weekly (on stands now) the Muppets, as the cast of the Muppet Show, reunited to talk about their old show, as well as, most importantly, their upcoming return to the big screen with Jason Segel.  To be fair, it’s not like the Muppets needed to be reunited, as they’ve been pretty much working non-stop for 40 years (we’re also not sure there was any compelling reason to bring the casts of The West Wing, Will & Grace and Alias back together after like 4 months apart, but that’s a different complaint for a different blog), but any national magazine publicity is good national magazine publicity.

(click to enlarge, so you can see how they managed to sneak Mickey Mouse in the background)

And read the brief interview with Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, and Gonzo here.

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Parting Shot

Bon appétit

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This Could Only Be Better If It Somehow Involved Pizza AKA LOST & Kermit!

Many years ago two of my greatest, if not my two greatest, passions united in a music video. I speak of course of Weezer and the Muppets, joining forces for the “Keep Fishin’” music video. Unfortunately, by that time Weezer was already on their way to retroactively ruining the fanatical affection I harbored for them during my high school years. The union was still unimaginably cool, but would have required a little bit more freak out control if it was made just a couple of years earlier (or perhaps that’s the benefit of time talking, as well as the carnage inflicted by Make Believe and The Red Album*).

However, I have no such bitterness about this new, brain-exploding team-up, the latest in the Lost Slapdown” series.  Yes, as odd as it may sound, God (and Disney corporate synergy) have brought together Lost and Kermit the Frog.

But although this is a monumental, colossal cross-over, I will not be getting a tattoo commemorating this meeting of Kermit, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, despite what some have suggested.

Make sure to check out the other Lost-Muppet joint ventures, including Pepe auditioning for the role of the Smoke Monster, Rizzo infiltrating the writers’ room and the Swedish Chef, an apparent avid Lost fan, running the ABC cafeteria.

*For a truly thought-provoking and thoughtful look at the devolution of Weezer, specifically Rivers Cuomo’s fall from ironic yet genuine songwriter to hackneyed hyper-self-aware song-crafter, we urge you to take a look at Chuck Klosterman‘s** essay on the subject in his anthology Eating the Dinosaur.  And just go ahead and read everything else in the compendium, because it’s all genius.

**And if Chuck Klosterman*** does anything with the Muppets I’ll flip out just as much, if not more.  Even if it’s an essay comparing Elmo to Helen Thomas.

***Just realized that “Klosterman” contains the word “lost.”  Whoa.

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Muppet Friday (Somewhat Nostalgic Too): The Muppet Man Lives?

Vulture reports that Disney is in talks with The Jim Henson Company to produce The Muppet Man, a Jim Henson bioipic that made last year’s “Black List,” the compendium of Hollywood’s “hottest” unproduced screenplays.  Yay!  With the new Jason Segel-penned Muppet movie seemingly on the horizon, could it be that we’ll soon be treated to two Muppet-related movies?  Maybe!

Burning question?  Who will play Kermit in the biopic? (Tina Fey?)  And, for the record, I am available to play the Swedish Chef.

The film will undoubtedly touch on Henson’s personal life and his non-Muppet ventures, so with that in mind, here’s a clip from Time Piece, Henson’s trippy, experimental Oscar-nominated short film from 1966:

Vulture Exclusive: Disney Planning a Jim Henson Biopic

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Muppet Monday: How the Muppets Are Already Improving Your 2010 (And Why Even Disney Knows That Kermit is Superior to Mickey)

We’ve well-documented how the Muppets are just dominating the end of 2009.  However, will it continue in 2010?  Well, that remains to be seen, but they’ve already made it so your 2010 will be a little better.

A few months ago Disney announced their “give a day, get a day” promotion, whereby if you volunteer for a day at a participating organization you’ll then receive a free one day ticket to a Disney park (I’m sure there are some annoying restrictions, but I’m not going to do all the work for you), and soon followed up with a series of commercials starring the Muppets touting the promotion.  Interesting that they’re using the Muppets and not Mickey and the gang (Disney first made the announcement by having their characters volunteer in five cities, sending Mickey & Co to four of the cities, and assigning Kermit and Miss Piggy to LA, the biggest media market of the five), but when you think about it, it does make sense.  Mickey, and the other full body suit characters, can’t talk, can’t emote, and has no expressions beyond hand gestures and head nods.  The Muppets, on the other hand, feel living and breathing.  You sometimes forget they are not real animate creatures, instead a hand surrounded felt and rubber and glue-on eyes.  But while Kermit can speak genuinely and effectively about the importance of Habitat for Humanity, if Goofy attempted to do the same thing it would seem, well, exactly that.  Goofy.

Below you can see the Swedish Chef wreaking his usual brand of havoc with Iron Chef Cat Cora, and then check out the additional spots with (ABC stars) Taye Diggs (maybe the only man with the power to make Miss Piggy forget about Kermit), Teri Hatcher, James Denton and Sara Ramirez.

The promotion starts January 1st, 2010.  So while we expect big things from the Muppets next year, they’ve already gone ahead and made an impact on the next decade.  Hopefully this also means that if you give a day, you get a day with the Muppets.  A larger presence at the Disney parks is far overdue, and, as Disney has implicitly admitted, Kermit can do more good than Mickey could ever imagine (and, in case you didn’t know, Mickey’s imagination is ridiculous).

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Muppet Monday: Take That, ‘The Sing-Off!’

The boys of the Beelzebubs aren’t the only ones who are able to make “beautiful” music with just their voices.  Nope. Beaker, Animal and Swedish Chef can hold their own, as shown in the new holiday video from Muppets Studios, the “Ringing of the Bells:”

Doesn’t that just put you in the holiday spirit?

I had intended to post the Kermit/Robert De Niro duet of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” from Saturday Night Live, but even though it was included in “A Very Gilly Christmas,” it’s nowhere to be found on the interwebs.  Tragic.  But, it’s true, it is better to give than to receive.

Anyone else feel like watching Home Alone now?

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Thanksgiving Cooking Tips

Here’s a handy guide to preparing for your Thanksgiving feast—

1. Roast the turkey:

2. Plump it up:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

3. Carve meticulously:

Then serve, enjoy, argue with family members, fall asleep, and promise to never eat again!

Happy Thanksgiving!  See you at the mall!

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