Muppet Friday (Somewhat Nostalgic Too): The Muppet Man Lives?

Vulture reports that Disney is in talks with The Jim Henson Company to produce The Muppet Man, a Jim Henson bioipic that made last year’s “Black List,” the compendium of Hollywood’s “hottest” unproduced screenplays.  Yay!  With the new Jason Segel-penned Muppet movie seemingly on the horizon, could it be that we’ll soon be treated to two Muppet-related movies?  Maybe!

Burning question?  Who will play Kermit in the biopic? (Tina Fey?)  And, for the record, I am available to play the Swedish Chef.

The film will undoubtedly touch on Henson’s personal life and his non-Muppet ventures, so with that in mind, here’s a clip from Time Piece, Henson’s trippy, experimental Oscar-nominated short film from 1966:

Vulture Exclusive: Disney Planning a Jim Henson Biopic

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