Muppet Monday Movie Thought

Since we covered the big Muppet movie(s) news last Friday, for this Muppet Monday post I just have a brief thought/question about the Muppet-verse going forward.  In Muppets From Space Gonzo learns that he is not a weirdo or a whatever but an alien.  However, I never really considered this official canon (not that the movie wasn’t good, but just that I didn’t buy the alien explanation).  So the question is, as the Jason Segel-penned The Greatest Muppet Movie of All Time inches closer to production, will Gonzo maintain his alien status, or will it be brushed under the rug like Terminator 3?

*Indeed, Muppet Wiki entry on Gonzo notes that his alien origin has been disregarded.  Let’s see if that holds.

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