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‘Saved by the Bell’ Season 3

Let’s get it on:

12:34pm Season 3, Disc 1, Episode 1″ The Fabulous Belding Boys”

Season 3! 5,000 words on that jerk Jeff, Scott Wolf, Marxism, the sex trade, the Cold War and Kevin Costner!

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Muppet Monday Movie Thought

Since we covered the big Muppet movie(s) news last Friday, for this Muppet Monday post I just have a brief thought/question about the Muppet-verse going forward.  In Muppets From Space Gonzo learns that he is not a weirdo or a whatever but an alien.  However, I never really considered this official canon (not that the movie wasn’t good, but just that I didn’t buy the alien explanation).  So the question is, as the Jason Segel-penned The Greatest Muppet Movie of All Time inches closer to production, will Gonzo maintain his alien status, or will it be brushed under the rug like Terminator 3?

*Indeed, Muppet Wiki entry on Gonzo notes that his alien origin has been disregarded.  Let’s see if that holds.

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