Muppet Monday Continues into Tuesday! Jim Henson: The Movie?

(and, yes, I realize that it is now Wednesday on the East Coast.  Deal with it.)

Doesn’t it just keep getting better and better for the Muppets?  If not for Bronson Pinchot, I’d say they were having the comeback of the year (but maybe they take the crown for best comeback of the last two months).

“Hollywood” released its annual “Black List,” the list of the top ten “favorite” unproduced screenplays.  #1?  The Muppet Man, a biopic of Muppets creator Jim Henson.  Described as “Man on the Moon, but with puppets,” it sounds quite intriguing, and as it’s set up at the Jim Henson Company, we know that it will be a faithful and fitting tribute to Henson’s life (good thing they didn’t sell the rights to Henson’s life story to Disney; we wouldn’t want a glossy Mickey Mouse version).  Even though the list isn’t exactly a “best of,” let’s hope the script is fast-tracked and the film is in theaters soon.  Seems like the perfect time.

And who to play Jim Henson?  Well, Man on the Moon star Jim Carrey seems like a possibility, based on his experience with biopics, but mostly on his grizzly beard (not to mention that Henson and Carrey share a first name!).  Or maybe James Cameron is interested in getting in to the acting game, at least before starting on the Avatar sequels (and they also share a first name!!).

No word on who would play the Swedish Chef.  But I am available.

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