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Hanukkah Night #5: Jew They Know It’s Christmas

Moving away from Muppet news (however briefly), tonight’s Hanukkah post comes from musician and frequent The State collaborator Craig Wedren.  Back in the dark ages of 2005, Wedren and some of his closest friends (including State-alums David Wain and Joe Lo Truglio, as well as Paul Rudd, Zack Orth and Matthew Zickel) recorded a cover of the holiday classic “Do They Know It’s Christmas,” complete with the requisite lead singer impressions (including a couple Paul McCartney’s, and a Mel Gibson thrown in for good measure).

Listen to “Jew They Know It’s Christmas”

And, yes, we know.

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Muppet Monday Continues into Tuesday! Jim Henson: The Movie?

(and, yes, I realize that it is now Wednesday on the East Coast.  Deal with it.)

Doesn’t it just keep getting better and better for the Muppets?  If not for Bronson Pinchot, I’d say they were having the comeback of the year (but maybe they take the crown for best comeback of the last two months).

“Hollywood” released its annual “Black List,” the list of the top ten “favorite” unproduced screenplays.  #1?  The Muppet Man, a biopic of Muppets creator Jim Henson.  Described as “Man on the Moon, but with puppets,” it sounds quite intriguing, and as it’s set up at the Jim Henson Company, we know that it will be a faithful and fitting tribute to Henson’s life (good thing they didn’t sell the rights to Henson’s life story to Disney; we wouldn’t want a glossy Mickey Mouse version).  Even though the list isn’t exactly a “best of,” let’s hope the script is fast-tracked and the film is in theaters soon.  Seems like the perfect time.

And who to play Jim Henson?  Well, Man on the Moon star Jim Carrey seems like a possibility, based on his experience with biopics, but mostly on his grizzly beard (not to mention that Henson and Carrey share a first name!).  Or maybe James Cameron is interested in getting in to the acting game, at least before starting on the Avatar sequels (and they also share a first name!!).

No word on who would play the Swedish Chef.  But I am available.

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Hanukkah Muppet Monday: The Secret Connection Between ‘Growing Pains’ & ‘Sesame Street’

You didn’t think I’d let a Muppet Monday falling on Hanukkah pass by without posting some sort of hilarious video or funny picture or insightful essay relevant to both the Muppets and Hanukkah, did you? Well, it’s Tuesday now, so I guess you were sorta right.  But, still, a little faith would be nice.

I stumbled upon this video that combines perhaps the two things that I love most in this world: The Muppets and Growing Pains.  This video features Jeremy Miller (aka Ben Seaver, aka the cute kid who grew into an awkward bespectacled teen and was quickly supplemented (supplanted) by a young Leonardo DiCaprio) visiting the Jewish version of Sesame Street, Shalom Sesame, and hosting a Hanukkah inspired game show spoof entitled “Dreidel of Fortune.”  Watch and…well, watch.

I guess this means that Jeremy Miller is Jewish too.  Not nearly as exciting as the same news about Alison Brie.

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Muppet Monday!

For the past few weeks, starting with the days around Thanksgiving and the hoopla over the Muppet’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” video, I’ve been posting Muppet-related entries every Friday (I think).  However, today, we usher in a new era of Muppet posts, “Muppet Mondays,”* a hopefully weekly addition to Jumped The Snark (however, this certainly does not preclude the possibility of posting Muppet-related material on days other than Monday).

The inaugural Muppet Monday post is not just a viral video, but something much greater than yet.  Yesterday, even though I’ve been visiting Southern California for the last 12 years and have been living here for the past 7 months (to the date, in fact) I had yet to visit the original Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland.  Well, that all changed about 36 hours ago.  And sure, I enjoyed myself on the two Buzz Lightyear rides, was charmed by the Monsters, Inc attraction, was thoroughly spooked by Pirates of the Caribbean, and napped during the Finding Nemo submarine tour, these all paled in comparison to what was the clear highlight: Muppet*Vision 3D.

Continue: I see the show, my life is complete. Also, the Muppets & Disney, what could have been…

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