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Gratuitious Search Bait of the Day: Merry Christmas, Leo

Well, this one has been giving us fits for the last few days.  We utilized the full extent of our internet scouring capabilities (and, not to sound conceited, we’re pretty great at finding random stuff on the internet) and came up empty.  But, for some reason, people keep searching for “leonardo dicaprio christmas.”  Unable to track down a Growing Pains Christmas episode featuring Leo’s Luke Brower, we decided to go ahead and create our own Leonardo DiCaprio Christmas moment.  Keeping within the confines of Growing Pains, of course.

So, now, all of you who were looking for a Leonardo DiCaprio Christmas photo, you’ve found it.


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Christmas Clipdown: A Seaver Family Christmas

Even though the cast of Growing Pains was made up of two Jews and a Canadian it contributed its fair share of Christmas themed episodes (likely somewhat due to the presence of at least one Jesus freak).  To continue getting us in the holiday spirit we present “The Kid” from season 2, in which Ben, ever the lovable scamp, brings home a runaway for the holidays.  Will she revert to her street rat tendencies?  Or will her heart by warmed by the goodwill of the Seavers?  Watch and find out…

Parts 2 and 3

Growing Pains would revisit this premise years later when Mike brought home juvenile delinquent Luke Brower.  Of course, this particular hoodlum was played by Leonardo DiCaprio, and he’d stick around for longer than a very special episode.

What’s your favorite Christmas gutter punk memory?

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Hanukkah Muppet Monday: The Secret Connection Between ‘Growing Pains’ & ‘Sesame Street’

You didn’t think I’d let a Muppet Monday falling on Hanukkah pass by without posting some sort of hilarious video or funny picture or insightful essay relevant to both the Muppets and Hanukkah, did you? Well, it’s Tuesday now, so I guess you were sorta right.  But, still, a little faith would be nice.

I stumbled upon this video that combines perhaps the two things that I love most in this world: The Muppets and Growing Pains.  This video features Jeremy Miller (aka Ben Seaver, aka the cute kid who grew into an awkward bespectacled teen and was quickly supplemented (supplanted) by a young Leonardo DiCaprio) visiting the Jewish version of Sesame Street, Shalom Sesame, and hosting a Hanukkah inspired game show spoof entitled “Dreidel of Fortune.”  Watch and…well, watch.

I guess this means that Jeremy Miller is Jewish too.  Not nearly as exciting as the same news about Alison Brie.

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