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Teeter Tots: Up and Down with Mr. Scott the Benefactor

At the risk of getting very repetitive we’ll quickly revisit our season long question:  Which Michael Scott did we see in the latest Office installment, “Scott’s Tots?”  Well-meaning but confused and ill-prepared Michael or malicious, self-absorbed, cripplingly myopic Michael?  Well, as usual, and  probably as it should be, we were served some of both.  But, as we’ll see, we at least ended with the more preferable of the two.

I didn’t mind this episode, but it also didn’t seem especially funny.  Whereas I was in a social environment when I initially viewed “Mafia” from earlier this season, and even laughed heartily at it, I knew very quickly that episode wasn’t that humorous, at least not that good.  On other hand, I watched “Scott’s Tots” alone at 2 in the morning which, I admit, could have been a detriment (I did, however, enjoy some leftover birthday ice cream cake, so, despite the hour, I still managed to fulfill my Office watching pre-requisite of either ice cream or NY pizza (and when I say NY Pizza I don’t mean “NY Pizza,” the moniker that every pizza place outside of NY throws onto its marquee in hopes of tricking the consumer into thinking their product is comparable to the thin, crispy, cheesy, heavenly Big Apple standard, and not what it really is, an inferior copy.  Rule of thumb: if some pizza joint beyond the tri-state area bills their product as “NY Pizza,” you’re probably going to be disappointed.  Also, unless they serve slices, it’s not NY Pizza.  And now back to our regularly scheduled blogging));  perhaps I wouldn’t feel so ambivalent about it had I watched before midnight with a crowd.  Still, my intuition says that it would have been the same.  Not particularly hilarious, but, actually, a nice little episode, and the kind of more authentic offering that has been sorely needed of late.

Continue: believable absurdity, feelings and more NY pizza!

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