I’ll Be Watching ‘Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villians’ Because of This Guy

That’s right, Long Island’s own Tom Westman is officially back in the game for Heroes Vs. Villains.  I stopped watching Survivor a season or two after Tom absolutely dominated Palau, and while the real reason I ceased watching is that there were just too many good shows on Thursday night (and at the time my TiVo could only handle one channel at once), I’d like to think that after Tom every other competitor just paled in comparison.  He’s five years older now, but hopefully five years awesomer.

The only thing better would have been if Michael Skupin rose from the ashes and returned.  But that’ll never happen (I’m still sore about his departure, though.  His Kucha tribe was one of the strongest in the history of the game, and if he didn’t have to bow out due to his melting flesh then Kucha would have probably run the table in impressive fashion).  I do have to say though, I’m kinda over Rupert.  The good guy/Hillbilly Jim act has worn rather thin.

Check out Survivor authority Dalton Ross’ take on the new all-star season.


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3 responses to “I’ll Be Watching ‘Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villians’ Because of This Guy

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  2. Steve

    I cant…f-ing wait

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