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Reege Returns! No One Gets Hurt!

TV might as well have been broken from December 1 to January 4th, because without Regis it was just about dead to me.  But after his month-long absence following hip surgery the king of mid-morning made his triumphant return to Live!, to the tune of the Rocky theme no less.  They might have his replaced his hip, but let’s hope they didn’t fix his eyes or brain or make him self-aware.  Because a sensible, alert, calm, inside-voice Regis is no Regis at all.  Unless he’s dangerously unhinged, it’s not Reege.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

You can replace hips.  You can replace hearts.  But you can’t replace crazy.

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Bible Imagery! Let the ‘LOST’ Countdown/Takeover of Every Waking Moment of Our Lives Begin!

Ohmigod, I’m going to need freak out control.

Well, folks, less than a month until the final season of LOST premieres.  I’ll be honest, because the hiatus is now so lengthy between seasons, I hadn’t been thinking about the show too much lately.  And, to be franker still, the show so completely dominates my brainwaves when it’s on – between the actual episodes, the podcasts, countless blog posts, expert analysis, and chats with friends and co-workers – that I rather welcome the respite its extended break provides.  When the show is back I’m totally and utterly invested.  When it’s in the interim I rest up and allow my mind of focus on other (no less trivial) concerns; which probably explains why I’ve never really been immersed in the between season interactive games like the LOST Experience.”

However, my excitement for the conclusion began to reemerge when I spoke to a friend over the weekend who, over the last few months, had just watched all five seasons for the first time.  After an exhausting task like that her head, I imagine, must feel like Desmond’s when he ping-ponged through time (which, perhaps, makes me her constant.  An honor and a responsibility, no doubt).  As she just consumed the whole series at once, she was unable to have consistent conversations about the series, in-depth discussions about possible theories and explanations, the time to spend a week reading reactions and frustrations.  Thus, as we talked about the island, about Christian Shephard, about Ben, Jacob and the Man in Black, about the clues planted in season one, about Juliet and the H-bomb, and about the probable locations of the characters when the show returns (on the plane?  LAX?  Exactly where we left them?), her novice enthusiasm, her LOST innocence rubbed off on me, and for the first time since early summer I was really excited about the show’s impending return.  I began to remember how much I enjoy discourse around the show, and, even more, just how much I enjoy the show.

And then I saw this and the show was officially back to blowing my mind.

More: But they ripped off Battlestar Galactica! Okay, I’m over it.

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It’s Just Another Muppet Monday

First Monday of 2010 and already we have enough Muppet material to last a month.  Talk about setting the bar high right off the bat.

Most notably, the Muppets appeared on last night’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (which begs the question, at this point, does EMHE really require the “Home Edition” designation.  Do people even remember the original Extreme Makeover, a less dirty, less Foxier version of Fox’s The Swan?).  Even better than renovating a home and changing a family’s life is that the Muppets got to work with Sam Champion, who boasts the 2nd best weatherman name, just behind Storm Field (interestingly, however, Champion might be the front-runner for best overall name.  It’s fascinating and complex how these things work).  As usual, the Muppets demonstrated their unique brand of mayhem, as well as their extra-large hearts inside adorably tiny bodies.  Coming on the heels of their work with Habit for Humanity, the Muppets now seem to be the go-to team for carpentry (speaking of which, as it is now 2010, make sure to check out Disney’s “Give a day, get a day” list of participating programs.  Surprisingly, being an extra on The New Adventures of Old Christine is already all filled up.  Even more surprising is that Disney considers being an extra on a CBS sitcom an acceptable form of volunteerism).  But really, will ABC just give the Muppets their own show already?  Yes, Muppets Tonight didn’t set the world on fire.  And yes, America’s Next Muppet didn’t make it to air.  But just because that didn’t work out doesn’t mean that the Muppets don’t deserve another crack at it (and, please, the opportunity should be on ABC, not The Disney Channel.  And if not on ABC, maybe they should put Kermit and Co. in a gritty cop drama and send them to FX).

Check out the full show here, and an exclusive clip below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In other news, it was just announced last week that the Muppets film debut, The Muppet Movie, was included on the list of features to be added to the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress.  Finally, the government takes a real step to preserve a national treasure (also, many thanks to my roommate who righted a wrong and gave me The Muppet Movie on DVD for HanuChristmas.  I’m embarrassed to say that I only had it on VHS (although, I might as well just have waited until they perfect/release the technology to imprint it on my brain)).  I guess, unlike his predecessor, Barack Obama cares about the Muppets.

And, finally, I thought it really fitting/kinda sad that Amazon offered me these recommendations today.  It’s not that they’re wrong.  It’s that they’re so right.

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