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Winter Cleaning: ‘LOST’ Finale: The Neverending Story (And a Brief Discourse on Series Finales)

Note: We began this post the day after Lost’s series finale.  Unfortunately, do to a series of fortunate events, we became otherwise occupied, and soon a Lost finale review seemed rather dated.  But with the end on the year quickly gaining on us, we thought we’d finally finish that piece, perhaps all the wiser for having an extra half-year to let the series’ end sink in.

For most of Lost’s final season (and for the first five) we’ve offered little, if any, commentary, instead leaving the expert analysis to the experts. In fact, besides a couple of links and a few Jimmy Fallon videos we’ve only really spoken in-depth about the season premiere. However, much in the fashion of Lost, we feel compelled to call back to that post and close the circle.

However, before we delve into the finale, the series, and the nature of season finales, I think it’s necessary that we first outline our particular history with Lost. The show premiered during my senior year in college, the four-year period when I probably should have been OD’ing on television, at least on the Mr. Show DVDs, but instead foolishly focused on my studies, only making time for The Simpsons, Survivor, Friends for some reason at beginning and, thankfully, Arrested Development towards the end (talk about growing up).  Lost premiered during the fall of my Senior year, but I was far too wrapped up in my penultimate semester, and getting in as much Mario Tennis as possible, to pay it much mind (plus, it seemed like a risky venture to get involved with such an ambitious show that likely wouldn’t make it past its first season).  During winter break of that year, I did record a couple of episodes on VHS (the dark ages!), and found it interesting, intriguing and definitely full of potential.  But without the benefit of having seen the pilot, and understanding the context of those episodes, I was, in essence, lost.  So it wasn’t until the following summer when, on somewhat of a whim, I just went ahead and purchased season 1 on DVD.  And that basically changed my life.

Another 1500 words on our personal relationship with Lost, the nature of series finales and, finally, our thoughts on The End…

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Need Both a Jumped The Snark & ‘Lost’ Fix?

Been missing Jumped The Snark?  Did last week’s divisive, mythology-thick, Lost not do it for you?  Well, we have a solution for both maladies (sorta): a new episode of Late!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Jumped the Snark may be on somewhat of a temporary hiatus, and by this time next week the story of Lost will be complete.  But one can only hope that Jimmy Fallon and co will always be there to fill the void.

Also, pretty sure Fallon’s fake beard looks better than Matthew Fox’s.  I actually rewatched the Lost season 3 finale last night, the first appearance of the future-beard, and it’s really just unforgivably terrible.  When all is said and done and the history of Lost is written, the mystery of Jack Shephard’s terrible beard may the greatest unanswered question of them all.

Matthew Fox, what do you think?

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Bible Imagery! Let the ‘LOST’ Countdown/Takeover of Every Waking Moment of Our Lives Begin!

Ohmigod, I’m going to need freak out control.

Well, folks, less than a month until the final season of LOST premieres.  I’ll be honest, because the hiatus is now so lengthy between seasons, I hadn’t been thinking about the show too much lately.  And, to be franker still, the show so completely dominates my brainwaves when it’s on – between the actual episodes, the podcasts, countless blog posts, expert analysis, and chats with friends and co-workers – that I rather welcome the respite its extended break provides.  When the show is back I’m totally and utterly invested.  When it’s in the interim I rest up and allow my mind of focus on other (no less trivial) concerns; which probably explains why I’ve never really been immersed in the between season interactive games like the LOST Experience.”

However, my excitement for the conclusion began to reemerge when I spoke to a friend over the weekend who, over the last few months, had just watched all five seasons for the first time.  After an exhausting task like that her head, I imagine, must feel like Desmond’s when he ping-ponged through time (which, perhaps, makes me her constant.  An honor and a responsibility, no doubt).  As she just consumed the whole series at once, she was unable to have consistent conversations about the series, in-depth discussions about possible theories and explanations, the time to spend a week reading reactions and frustrations.  Thus, as we talked about the island, about Christian Shephard, about Ben, Jacob and the Man in Black, about the clues planted in season one, about Juliet and the H-bomb, and about the probable locations of the characters when the show returns (on the plane?  LAX?  Exactly where we left them?), her novice enthusiasm, her LOST innocence rubbed off on me, and for the first time since early summer I was really excited about the show’s impending return.  I began to remember how much I enjoy discourse around the show, and, even more, just how much I enjoy the show.

And then I saw this and the show was officially back to blowing my mind.

More: But they ripped off Battlestar Galactica! Okay, I’m over it.

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