Need Both a Jumped The Snark & ‘Lost’ Fix?

Been missing Jumped The Snark?  Did last week’s divisive, mythology-thick, Lost not do it for you?  Well, we have a solution for both maladies (sorta): a new episode of Late!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Jumped the Snark may be on somewhat of a temporary hiatus, and by this time next week the story of Lost will be complete.  But one can only hope that Jimmy Fallon and co will always be there to fill the void.

Also, pretty sure Fallon’s fake beard looks better than Matthew Fox’s.  I actually rewatched the Lost season 3 finale last night, the first appearance of the future-beard, and it’s really just unforgivably terrible.  When all is said and done and the history of Lost is written, the mystery of Jack Shephard’s terrible beard may the greatest unanswered question of them all.

Matthew Fox, what do you think?

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