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What If I’m Trapped In an Elevator With My Evil Twin and He Intends to Kill Me and I Need to Text Everyone In My Phonebook For Help?

Well, T9 has made that a little bit more difficult, because according to the language there’s no such word as doppelganger.*  And now it’s too late, bizarro me has already taken me out.

Here’s a relevant and excellent SNL Digital Short (and as it just missed out on my upcoming best SNL sketches of the decade list, I’m happy to get the opportunity to use it here):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

*Interestingly this sketch was hard to find for a similar reason.  It’s not that Hulu does not recognize the word doppelganger, is that’s they spelled it doppleganger.  But I guess we’re all wrong and it should be: doppelgänger.  Oh, languages can be so much fun!

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