OMG, Hurley Likes To Surf!

Except he likes to work on his extra spicy ranch dressing  chicken batter more.

The LOST team released another little morsel to whet our appetites before the season six premiere.  Coming on the heels of the “LOST Supper” photos, we’ve now be given a second Mr. Clucks commercial starring it’s owner/operator, Mr. Hugo Reyes (the first premiered at Comic-Con earlier year).

But what does it all mean???

Well, if I had to bet it certainly points to the theory that the castaways land safely in Los Angeles instead of crashing on the island and all becoming besties.  But Hurley also says that since he’s won the lottery he’s had nothing but good luck.  So, perhaps, when Juliet detonated the bomb it didn’t just change everything from the moment right before flight 815 originally went down on, but it actually changed the course of the Lostaways lives even before their Sydney departure.  But, really, who knows?

Perhaps Doc Jensen.

And did you notice the cost of the meal deal?  $4.42.  Whoa.

via sl-Lost

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