Best Year Ever For Members of The State, State Collaborators, and Titles Containing the Word ‘State’

Two Jumped the Snark favorites,  The State member Tom Lennon and friend of The State Rashida Jones, are working on two new, exciting projects (independently, of course.  Although I wouldn’t mind seeing them collaborate).

Tom Lennon

When news broke that Comedy Central canceled the long-running (dare I say institution?) Reno 911, (comedy geeks’) hearts were broken across the country (while Reno might have been growing a bit long in the tooth, it seemed like an odd time to cancel the show, considering that with the arrival of Michael and Michael Have Issues, the recent release of the long-awaited State DVD,  and the addition of State-alum to Joe Lo Truglio to the Reno cast, it seemed that The State-related projects were experiencing a wave of enthusiasm).  However, the demise of Reno stings a little less with the announcement that Tom Lennon has signed a deal to create and star in a yet untitled comedy for NBC (in addition, the plot is apparently “under wraps”  Unless it’s the story of the next generation iPhone, not sure if the secrecy is necessary).  Also unknown at this point is when NBC will cancel the show (let’s just hope it’s not a gritty cop drama).  Unless the show slots in on Thursday nights, looks like NBC might have to make space elsewhere for comedy (they might want to start with the 10pm slot; at the moment, this hour is devoid of comedy).  Additional good news is that frequent Lennon collaborator, fellow State and Reno member, Ben Garant will co-create and also appear on the show (let’s also hope it’s not a serialized version of the Lennon-Garant penned Night at the Museum films).  To celebrate, a State sketch!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(and my list of the Top Ten The State sketches)

And Park’s and Recreation‘s Rashida Jones, who has appeared in State-related projects including Stella, The Ten and Wainy Days (and can be found on my Judd Apatow Chart), just inked a contract to turn her graphic novel Frenemy of the State into a motion picture  (Frenemy of the “State.” See?  “State”  Coincidence?  Yes.)  She’ll be co-writing the script with actor Will McCormack, who, as far as I can tell, has no relation to The State or Judd Apatow, and is not, in fact, Eric McCormack.

Jones on Wainy Days (warning: apparently content is not suitable for those under the age of 18):

I wasn’t aware that Rashida Jones had created a graphic novel.  I didn’t need another reason to think she’s that the perfect woman, but, damn, she went ahead and gave me one anyway.

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