We Did It! 500(+) Posts!

Well, actually,  due to a rather unbelievably productive early part of 2011, we passed the 500 post mark a few weeks ago, somewhere around the time we started the Saved by the Bell Project.  In fact, we’ve sped from 400 posts to 500 in just about a month, crushing any previous 100 post dash on this blog.  So congrats everyone, gold medals all around!  All that training, all those cold mornings getting up before dawn to take us to the ice rink, all those long weekends devoted to out-of-state tournaments, it’s all been worth it, and we can’t thank you enough for making it happen.

We promised a blow-out for #500, but since we got there so quickly, and since it’s already pretty far in the rear view mirror, and since we’ve hope to approximate this pace for the foreseeable future, we’ve going to hold off on the real fireworks for another milestone.  Maybe for 600.  Or 750.  Or, dare we say it, 1000?  Maybe.  Just maybe.

But, until then, here’s  a little something to celebrate this joyous occasion:

(And now that we’ve listened to this song for the first time in ages, we realize that it doesn’t make sense.  Walking 500 miles and then walking 500 more would equal a total of 1,000 miles.  Where do they get 5,000 miles from?  They’d need to walk another 500 miles 8 times to reach 5,000 miles.  But if her door is only 500 miles and then another 500 miles away that additional 4,000 miles would be totally unnecessary right?  Unless they’re using some weird version of the metric system.  They are Scottish, after all.  Of course, if that was the case it would be 500 kilometers.  Well, actually, 500 miles would be roughly 805 km, which we understand is not nearly as catchy.  But we just don’t think we’ll be able to listen to this song, and The Proclaimers in general, in the same way anymore.  Also, if both brothers showed up at this girl’s door would she have to choose one?  They’d be the “men” who walked 5,000 (or 1,000) miles to show up at her door.)


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