Huh?: ‘Take Me Home Tonight’

We’ve seen the trailer for Take Me Home Tonight three or four times and we still don’t get it.  What is the point of this movie?  What year is it?  Doesn’t this movie belong in 1988?  Why would we want to see this movie without (the late) Corey Haim?  And, even then, without Corey Feldman we’re not interested.  What could this movie possibly add to the one-wild-and-crazy-life-changing-drug-and-sex-filled-night genre?  And we generally adore Topher Grace, so it’s hard for us to be so down on this one.

Take Me Home Tonight, get outta my car and into my trunk.

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  1. Michael Seth Novick

    I saw a screening of this months ago. Topher Grace was there and entered the theater yelling, “yo, yo, yo” in a microphone. This film sat on a shelf for two years. It was originally called “Kids in America.” It’s a film that wants so badly to be an ACTUAL 80’s film that it’s kind of distracting. I was able to call every music cue before it happened (I literally heard Freur’ Doot-doot in my head before it started playing in the movie). Anna Faris is barely in it, which is sad. It’s bleh.

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