We Found Casey Wilson!

Earlier today we noted that Tony Danza has transitioned from reality TV star to web comedy personality.  And now we know what a sketch comedian does after being let go from SNL.  They turn to recurring roles on hackneyed cable sitcoms!  Because you can now find Casey Wilson on TV Land’s newest clearly targeted at older viewers show, Retired at 35.  Here she is as Amy, George Segal and Jessica Walter’s unappreciated, romantically challenged daughter:

Well, at least she’s finally getting laughs, even if they’re added in post.

Later we find out that her totally real boyfriend is totally gay because he likes to cook and wears pink.  We guess if the show is going to specifically try to appeal to older viewers they might as well use twenty-year old jokes.  Way to not even try, Retired at 35!

Seriously, in a post for another day, is this an obscene use of the laugh track?  Or is the device just so foreign to us now?

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