Speaking of Beloved Oversized Actors Who Died Before Their Time

We don’t know why we were so fascinated by these clips from Entertainment Tonight reporting on the passing of John Candy, but we were.  We guess it’s just own morbid obsession with death.  Or John Candy.  Or Entertainment Tonight.  Or Richard Lewis.  You decide!

It really is a shame that Wagon’s East was Candy’s final movie.  We recall our older brother (twelve years our senior) taking us to see it, and it was terrible.  And we liked everything back then.  Our basic criteria for a decent movie was a) functioning audio and a relatively smooth picture, and b) popcorn.  So it had to be bad if we walked out disappointed.  And we guess it killed Richard Lewis‘ “It Guy” status.

Nevertheless, Cand developed an impressive, admired body of work, and we can’t thank him enough for Camp Candy.

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