Score One for Gritty High School Football Dramas!

Well, if there were two good things to come out of Jay Leno destroying the NBC schedule, they are that Chuck has been brought back early and given a major push (and will now likely have a much greater chance of surviving to season four) and, as, just announced, Friday Night Lights will return on April 30.  Originally, the word was that the critically-beloved, Ben Silverman-sabotaged, tragically audience-starved drama would not return to NBC until the summer, but with all the holes soon to open up in the schedule it looks like it’s coming back early.  Yay!  Still time to catch up seasons 1-3.  And, trust me, you should.

I bet NBC regrets axing Southland now.

See the full post-Olympics, post-late night debacle schedule @ Tuned In.

Oh, and looks like I was wrong about Dick Wolf.  He seems safe.  For now.

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