Way to Ruin Christmas, ‘SNL’

So maybe now we know why SNL seemed particularly Kristen Wiig-light this past weekend.

She must have been working on new Gilly material, as the Washington Post reports that Wiig, as Gilly, will host a “brand-new”* two-hour Christmas** special entitled “SNL Presents: A Very Gilly Christmas.”  Which basically translates to “SNL Presents: A Series of Repetitive Bits Sandwiched Between the Same Christmas Sketches We Have Been Showing for Twenty Years.”

We really have no problem with replaying the Christmas classics, but hosted by Gilly?  In Seth’s Meyer’s own words, really?!?! I had begun to think the tide was turning against Gilly (and somewhat against Wiig as well, which is unfair, because one should not confuse the character for the performer), but apparently she’s as popular as ever (or at least NBC and/or SNL thinks so).  It’s just hard to imagine what kind of “new sketches” they’ll develop for the special.  As the article notes, “A Gilly sketch is a very structured thing. It’s always set in a classroom where an uncertain teacher (Will Forte) questions his students (Kenan Thompson, Bobby Moynihan) on the source of some trouble making;” this passage is just intended to describe the sketch to the uninitiated, but it’s also achingly true.  It’s just a carbon copy structure with all the same set pieces, just rinse, wash and repeat.  Of course, there will be some  Christmas themed Gilly-antics, but don’t expect her to improve upon her already limited vocabulary (but maybe expect someone to get impaled by a Christmas tree?).

Well, at least with this special there’s no danger of the host coming out as the Love Guru.

Set your DVRs for Dec 17 at 8pm.  Regardless of what I said here, I will.

And since they’ll probably include John Malkovich’s “Twas the Night Before Christmas” monologue from last season, precluding any other Malkovich Christmas sketches, here’s one to get you in the holiday spirit:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

*Even though this is the first Christmas special since 2002, I’m putting the over-under on material never before included in an SNL Christmas special at 25%.

**Hey guys, how about a “holiday” special?  Let’s include everyone in the spirit of the season. ***

***Just kidding, even as a Jew I admit that “Christmas” special is way better.


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