Apparently Billboard Didn’t Drive Around in My Maxima During College

Because if they did they would know that Vanessa Carlton is much more than a One-Hit Wonder.*

I take umbrage with this:

I mean they say it right there, there was a little song called “Ordinary Day,” which, as I recall, was no slouch.

And has Billboard never heard of “White Houses?”  That song only went all the way to #1 in China.  And here I thought Billboard was supposed to be the authority on music.  Guess I was wrong.  Guess it’s China.

Evidently Billboard wasn’t in my car when we rolled down the windows and blasted Vanessa Carlton while waiting on the Wendy’s drive-thru line at 1am all those times.  Their loss.

The full list of alleged “One-Hit Wonders” of the 2000s.

*Her list of hits is even longer if you confuse her with Michelle Branch as I often did (do).

via Vulture

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