Gratuitous Search Term Bait of the Day: Hellooooo Nurse

We’re inclined to make this an all Saved by the Bell week of Gratuitous Search Term Bait of the Day, in celebration of finally finishing our (prolonged) SBTB marathon.  We don’t know what Tuesday through Friday will hold, but we’re going to start off in that direction with today’s bait “nurse jennifer saved by the bell.”

If you’ve already read our Saved by the Bell Season 2 semi-live blog you’ll know that, despite our eternal affection for Kelly Kapowski, we’ve also always harbored a crush on Nurse Jennifer, as portrayed by Nancy Valen in the episode “From Nurse to Worse” (oddly enough, if we had to name five girls that we had a thing for as a young man, the list might include three ladies from Saved by the Bell: Thiessen, Valen and Rena Sofer, who played Zack’s love interest in Hawaiian Style).  It was a very brief role, but Valen left an indelible impression on us, a lasting impact that stays with us today.  Indeed, we remember Valen more for her turn at Bayside than her one season on Baywatch.  And normally we hated any of Zack’s love interests other than Kelly, abhorring anyone who might get in the way of their eternal happiness.  But this particular time we didn’t mind so much.  We weren’t happy that Zack was risking his relationship with Kelly for Nurse Jennifer, but we certainly couldn’t blame him.

We mean, c’mon, what sophomore wouldn’t fall for this school nurse?  (just another example of how everything was better at Bayside)

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