No ‘SNL’? No Problem? Jason Sudeikis Is Our Jam-a-Lam

I mistakenly thought that Tina Fey was hosting SNL this past weekend (so much so that I nearly flipped out on my DVR for failing to record the show).  But I must have jumped the gun, as the show doesn’t return with host Fey and musical guest Justin Bieber until April 10 (and now that I can use the tag “Justin Bieber” my page views are sure to skyrocket.  Thanks, SNL!), or maybe they re-ran the Fey-Carrie Underwood episode from February 2008.  Either way, there was no new show this week.

But don’t fear, we’ll fill that vacuum.  Instead of another edition of “What Up With That?”,we have Jumped the Snark hero Jason Sudeikis on Jimmy Fallon (an interview from earlier this month that, we admit, slipped through our cracks).  Sudeikis’ alcohol drenched description of his hectic work schedule explains his relative absence from the recent Jude Law-helmed SNL, a deficiency that we noted here.  Somehow everything this man says in hilarious.  New sketch idea: Jason Sudeikis reads the classifieds.  Could totally work.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Even without a new SNL last week, it was still a big week for Sudeikis as he made his long-awaited return to 30 Rock, reprising his role as former love interest to, who else, upcoming SNL host Tina Fey.  See that?  FULL CIRCLE.

And full episode!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And now we’ll see you two weeks.

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