A T9 Omission to End 09

When we started this blog back in the Triassic Age of March 2009 one of the regular features was “Words T9 Doesn’t Know.”  As the site has developed, and as we found more entertaining, more useful content to write about, the number of T9 posts dropped (also due to finding less and less T9 omissions and, probably, sheer laziness), but as we look ahead to an even better year at Jumped The Snark in 2010, let’s look back and note one more egregious T9 blind spot:


What if I was trying to text tweet a mystery novel from my cell phone?  How would I let people know that the plot was becoming more complex?  What if I was trying to explain to a drunk friend via text when his Kraft Mac & Cheese would be ready to eat?  Leaving out “thickens” just seems reckless, T9.

And may 2010 be just as reckless.

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