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Christams Clipdown: Day of Reckoning!

Merry Happy, Everyone!  The clock struck midnight and we’ve arrived at C-Day.  Let’s finish off Christmas 2010 with a bang.

First, let’s get the festivities going with a little Full House holiday party.   Steve has gone off to Junior College in Florida and DJ is super bummed; meanwhile Danny is carrying on a long-distance relationship with Vicky, Becky misses the snow and no one seems to find it creepy that unmarried, unrelated “Uncle” Joey lives in the house with three young girls.  It’s a very Tanner Christmas and DJ is on the rebound.   WHAT WILL HAPPEN?

Yayyyy! (Part 1 here)

And it wouldn’t be a Jumped the Snark Christmas without a contribution from Jim Henson.  We already covered the basic Muppet Christmas staples, so for Christmas Day we’re going outside the John Denver classics and proudly gift to you the 1986 TV special, Toy Story before there was a Toy Story, The Christmas Toy:

If you’re not watching Community, you’re stupid.  If you haven’t seen their Christmas special, you’re silly.  If you’ve seen it and weren’t moved to tears, well, then you’re completely dead inside, and we both pity and despise you.  But if you’re in one of the first two camps (or just want to relive its greatness), please enjoy “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas,” just the latest example of how Community has been the most inventive, most ambitious, smartest, warmest and just flat-out best show on television this year.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

That’s it for us this Christmas (we think)!  Hope you got that Magic Bullet you wanted!

(and remember to recycle your wrapping paper.  Or reuse!)


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A T9 Omission to End 09

When we started this blog back in the Triassic Age of March 2009 one of the regular features was “Words T9 Doesn’t Know.”  As the site has developed, and as we found more entertaining, more useful content to write about, the number of T9 posts dropped (also due to finding less and less T9 omissions and, probably, sheer laziness), but as we look ahead to an even better year at Jumped The Snark in 2010, let’s look back and note one more egregious T9 blind spot:


What if I was trying to text tweet a mystery novel from my cell phone?  How would I let people know that the plot was becoming more complex?  What if I was trying to explain to a drunk friend via text when his Kraft Mac & Cheese would be ready to eat?  Leaving out “thickens” just seems reckless, T9.

And may 2010 be just as reckless.

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