Hanukkah Night #Seis: Jewing it up on “Late Night’

Like many, I was hard on Jimmy Fallon when he first embarked on his new role as Late Night host back in March.  And the criticism was well-earned.  He seemed ill prepared, unfocused, giggly, and generally too impressed by his guests to offer up anything that resembled an acceptable interview.  However, while his Q&A skills are still raw, he has proven to showcase some of the best, most off-beat sketches on the late night talkies (take a note, Mr. Leno).  From Zack Morris‘ truly satisfying visit to the truly weird  “Let us play with your look” to the truly pitch-perfect Hills knock-off series “7th Floor West,” Fallon has taken advantage of the freedom of the 12:35am slot, and has begun to put together a pretty unique, entertaining show (and the place where revered mid-90s indie-rock heroes come to reunite.  See: Sunny Day Real Estate, Jawbox).  Which is all a long way of saying that Andy Samberg visited set the show last night under the guise of Jimmy’s cousin “Jewey Fallon” in order to spread a little Hanukkah cheer.  And you know what?  In comparison to Samberg I kind found myself liking Fallon as much as I have since 10th grade, when he was the new prince of SNL.  Go figure.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

However, as usual, The Roots were the best part.  Just.  Killing.  It.

And if that wet your whistle watch (or rewatch) Fallon and Kimbo Slice wreaking havoc in a commercial for breakaway furniture.

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