OMG! The Real Housewives of OC Are Just Like Us!

They shop at H&M too!

Well, at least Jeana and her daughter Kara do.  At the mall!  Just like you and me!

Oh, this is cute.

Don’t be shy, Jeana.  This is where Kara shops when she pays for her own clothes.  And she lives in LA now, so she knows what’s what.  Plus, SALE!

Now that's a good deal, right there

The Fitting Room. Ew! That's for the plebeians!

"Since you've had your boobs done you need to go one size bigger." - Thanks, mom!

More Sales!

Can I pay with singles? (She's a waitress! C'mon!)

On a budget! (although, that's probably 8 blouses)

Thinking of tequila shots (seriously)

Thank you, Mood!

To be fair, Jeana was my longtime favorite Housewife (besides Tammy, who obviously never wanted to be there), and Kara is probably the most down to earth out of all the Housewives’ kids (even if she is a Republican), so it was sad to wave them goodbye in last week’s episode.  Now I’ll have to fast forward through the whole episode until I come across Slade’s beard (his actual facial hair, not Gretchen).  The NJ Housewives cannot come back soon enough!

If you’re feeling masochistic, watch the full episode here (or just skip to 30:00 to see the shopping spree in its entirety)

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