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Capital Critters: Experiencing DC Vu on the New York Sports Pages

Last week the New York Yankees headed down to D.C. for an interleague matchup with the Nationals, just a week after the Mets also visited the nation’s capital to take on their division rivals.  Now we’re generally enormous Mets fans, but this year our enthusiasm is even more fervent than usual, with a roster that’s featured thus far an especially young, gritty and fun team, a Mets team we’re proud to watch.  And not only do we watch religiously, we also spend far too much time following Mets beat reporters on Twitter, obsessively checking the Mets blog, and reading articles by local sports columnists.  So with the amount of attention we grant to NY baseball, we couldn’t help but notice some similarities on the city’s back pages when the Mets and Yankees each took a turn against the Nationals.

It’s not out of the ordinary to see two very similar headlines among the city’s big three commuter papers (and sometimes three similar headlines), but those instances usually occur on the same day, when they can point to the rapid speed of overnight journalism as a reason for the doppelgänger.  When you have three hours to turn around a newspaper, and, often, much less time to write and set the back page, it’s not surprising that the Post may print the same or a very similar headline as Newsday (like yesterday, for example) – great journalistic minds think alike – but in the triad above the Newsday super-headline was printed the day after the Daily News‘s “Capital Pains” headline (and after a different but still excruciating Mets loss).  The Post headline, “Capital Gains,” came nearly a week later (after the Yankees handed the Mets three more excruciating losses), so certainly there was plenty of time to see the two prior “Capital” back pages and brainstorm some other DC-related copy.  But, we reckon, in the newspaper world you just can’t turn down a good pun.  And we respect that.

And just because:

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On the First Day of Hanukkah Jumped the Snark Gave to You…

…a classic Seinfeld clip.  We saw this episode a few weeks ago and were blown away by how it absolutely holds up, better than 99% of shows on TV today.  Sure, the laugh track is antiquated and the Hollywood facsimile of New York City is legitimately laughable, but the dialogue and the acting remain sheer brilliance.

It’s also amazing that a show that essentially centers on four Jews (depending on how you categorize Kramer) was at one-time the most popular sitcom in these United but Divided States.  It is not surprising, however, that it’s still considered one the greatest, if not the greatest, of all-time.

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Yep, They Did It Again (Again)

Last fall the brilliant ladies at Broad City blew our minds with “Do the Right Thing,” their Spike Lee tribute first season finale.  Those beautiful four and a half minutes set the bar pretty much impossibly high. But, not surprisingly, stars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson found a way to rise to the occasion, delivering a pitch perfect love letter to New York City, complete with a couple delicious cameos from some familiar faces (not to mention a cameo from a delicious treat).  It’s truly poetry, and comedy, in motion.

We don’t know how they’ll top this, but we’re certain that they will.

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3 Days Until Pi Day!

Which means it’s 3/11. So to honor the date we had two choices, either call New York City and complain about the building manager or post a music video from the premiere rock/rap/punk/skater/reggae outfit of the mid-90s.  We went with option B.

On my alphabetically organized middle school-era CD rack 311 comes right after Sublime.  And there’s something appropriate, perhaps even poetic, about that.

See you again in a year, 311! (unless I need to report a rude cab driver)

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