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If you’re having a bad week here’s just a little reminder that the the worst is over. Just hang on a couple more days and TGIF!


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On the First Day of Hanukkah Jumped the Snark Gave to You…

…a classic Seinfeld clip.  We saw this episode a few weeks ago and were blown away by how it absolutely holds up, better than 99% of shows on TV today.  Sure, the laugh track is antiquated and the Hollywood facsimile of New York City is legitimately laughable, but the dialogue and the acting remain sheer brilliance.

It’s also amazing that a show that essentially centers on four Jews (depending on how you categorize Kramer) was at one-time the most popular sitcom in these United but Divided States.  It is not surprising, however, that it’s still considered one the greatest, if not the greatest, of all-time.

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