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EXCLUSIVE: The Glasses that Bob Costas Will Be Wearing Tonight

Last night Bob Costas caused quite a stir when he debuted a new pair of eyeglasses while anchoring NBC’s prime time coverage of the London Olympics.  Whether he was trying to appeal to that all important Williamsburg demographic or wearing them to honor famed Liverpudlians or trying to impress the makeup girl or just plain didn’t bring enough Acuvues to last two weeks is up for debate.  Either way, it was quite the statement.

However, Jumped the Snark has obtained an exclusive photo of Costas with the glasses he will wear during tonight’s telecast.  Obviously he expects the Americans to clinch the medal count today, and it seems he’s all too happy to finally dispense with all this impartial journalist nonsense.


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Gratuitous Search Term Bait of the Day: Really Gratuitious Search Term Bait of the Day

This (semi) daily feature is explicitly designed to give the people what they want, to basically sell-out to catch a few new readers.  But today’s post goes beyond our usual pandering, basically equating this blog to your typical trashy, exploitative rag.  But, hey, turns out we’re not above that (or this).

Nearly all of today’s search terms referenced Survivor: Redemption Island.  But instead of giving you another Phillip-centric post (which you will get later), we’re going to go with another term.  Quite simply: “survivor kristina boobs.”  Let’s be honest, this is pretty much the reason the Internet exists.

Survivor Redemption Island

You’re welcome, America.

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