Happy 2nd Birthday to Us!

It feels like it was just twenty-four short months ago that we launched this blog, but it’s actually been two full years.  Can you believe it?  When we started this thing, selling our comic book collection, maxing out our credit cards, and practically begging for help from all our friends at the convenience store, we were just hoping to break even.  Post a few Office commentaries, make our buddies laugh, maybe get a few dozen page views and call it a day.  Little did we know that years later we’d still be here, attracting 3,000 readers a day*.  We’ve come a long way, baby.

So, in honor of our 2nd birthday, we thought we’d look back at some of our favorite Jumped the Snark banners, a little walk down JtS memory lane.

Our 100th post:

Our first Christmas:

Our first birthday:

Why did we think this looked cool?!

Upon our return to Brooklyn:

Our 300th post.  We grew up fast.

Last year’s office X-mas photo:

Happy New Year 2011!

Let’s go Jet’s!  We’ll get ’em next year!

Can you believe that we were ever that young?  Crazy!

Sincerely though, thank you for hanging with us the last two years, and through all these silly headers.  You can be certain there are more to come.  Now it’s time for cake!

*on average, when Judd Apatow links to the site

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