This Is What a Teenage Starlet on ‘SNL’ Looks Like

Miley Cyrus came by SNL this week and, despite generally positive reviews, we still found it pretty average.  Nothing egregious about it, nothing particularly horrible, but really nothing to write home about.  And the feedback for Cyrus was mostly polite, praiseworthy even, commending her for at the very least not embarrassing herself, at the best acquitting herself remarkably well.  But we really weren’t surprised by that.  It’s no fluke that she was a star of a hit cable show and a pop music phenomenon.  She’s got talent.  Sure, she might have headlined a terrible, cloying cable show  for Tweens, and she might perform grating, insipid kidz bop, but she’s been tremendously successful at it, and there’s really no denying that she has some kind of talent.  So by all rites she should have been fine on SNL.  And she was.  And she parodied her image, parodied Justin Bieber, parodied Fergie, all to perfectly okay results.  But nothing transcendent.  Nothing special.  Nothing that resonated like a sketch from a few years ago that featured an at the time teenage superstar.  Lindsay, show Miley how it’s done:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Sure, Miley had fun.  She sang and danced.  She even impersonated Lohan.  But, unlike Lohan, none of Cyrus’ sketches will be remembered in five years.

Oh, and Jason Sudeikis reprised his Satan on “Weekend Update” and it was pretty cool.  The dude can do no wrong (Sudeikis, not the Devil).


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2 responses to “This Is What a Teenage Starlet on ‘SNL’ Looks Like

  1. Paul

    I just wanted to say I hated the episode a bunch and was hoping for a more scathing review on your side, but rather than talk about how terrible Miley Cyrus’s voice was (She worked at Disney for almost all of her life and she can’t sing “16 going on 17”? How does that make sense) I think the show just suffered from the once again terrible writing and organizing by Seth Myers, that’s right I attacked Seth Myers, I don’t know why more people don’t.

    I think the main thing everyone was wondering was , will they bring up the fact that they make fun of Miley Cyrus with the Miley Cyrus sketch. In the opening monologue Miley Cyrus acknowledges the sketch by saying the catch-phrase. So I was like, ok they won’t be doing the sketch then, good, but in true Seth Myers fashion he goes to the sketch for the 7th time this season(I made that number up but won’t be surprised if its true), and then when fake Miley tries to get real Miley to say the catch-phrase she doesn’t, and there’s this “tension” moment. I was just confused, didn’t she already do the catch-phrase earlier AS Miley Cyrus?

    And that’s my mini rant.

  2. skeim01

    Well, I’m not quite sure if it’s fair to attack Seth Meyers; he is the head writer of the show, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he has final call on what makes it to air. In fact, he doesn’t. The show, for better or worse, is an institution, and Tina Fey herself last week admitted that the writers come to realize that they’re going to bomb as often as they succeed, and, more importantly, the “funniest” sketches sometimes never make it to the show. There’s an alchemy to it that we don’t understand/don’t agree with, but for better or worse that’s how the SNL machine works.

    But anyway, as for this show, I thought it was a peculiar demonstration of restraint from SNL by not scheduling the Miley Cyrus Show sketch immediately after the first commercial break, instead holding it off until midnight. It seemed like an odd time to kind of pull one’s punches. Sometimes, if we know what we’re going to get, just give it to us. The fact that they didn’t show it until later automatically made me think there’s something wrong with it. That might not have been the case, but to delay what we are all expecting, even when we’re not fans of that sketch in the first place, is kind of a head scratching decision.

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