Wednesday Nostalgia Corner: Jumped The Snark

Hey, remember this classic blog post?  One year ago today!

The Judd Apatow Effect! Finally Complete!

Many years ago I started plotting the connections between Judd Apatow, his frequent collaborators, and emerging comic talents.  Well, I talked about that chart for a while, and never really did anything about it.  However, after getting laid off I decided it was time to do it.  And I’m happy to say it’s finally ready!  Check out the thumbnails below and read more about it on the Judd Apatow Effect page.   With several films featuring actors and directors from the Apatow family tree released in the last few weeks, ( I Love You, Man, Adventureland, and Observe and Report), the time seems right to look at the scope of his reach and his effect on modern comedy.

Please take a look and let me know if you have any thoughts, comments or suggestions.  Also, don’t hesitate to relate any errors or omissions.  It’s still a work in progress, and I plan to keep updating it.  I already have a list of actors and projects to be added to the Third Level, and it doesn’t look like the Apatow factory is going to slow anytime soon, so keep checking back.

See you later, Joben!

First Level of the Judd Apatow Effect First Level of the Judd Apatow Effect

Second Level of the Judd Apatow Effect

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