Christmas Eve Clipdown: Muppets. Killing. It. Christmas. Style.

On Christmas Eve My True Loves Gave to Me: One awesome Muppet video.

As if you didn’t know that the Muppets have just been dominating the last part of 2009, they dropped by Jimmy Fallon to put a festive exclamation point on what has been somewhat of a Muppet resurgence (it was a good year for The Roots and Jimmy Fallon as well, in that order).  The Muppets have traditionally done some of their best work during the holidays, and this is no exception, recreating their classic collaboration with John Denver, the “12 Days of Christmas,” this time with Fallon subbing in for the late great Denver (and a few Muppet substitutions as well: hello Sam the Eagle, Pepe and Rizzo; goodbye Janis, Dr. Teeth and Stadler & Waldorf.  Times have changed).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And in the spirit of the holiday here’s the original:

And because it’s the giving season, and I’m guessing you can’t get enough of the Muppets and Christmas, here’s some more Muppet holiday cheer: A Muppets Christmas – Letters to Santa, A Muppet Family Christmas, A Muppet Christmas Carol, and, for good measure, Jim Henson’s The Christmas Toy (which was arguably later ripped off by Toy Story).

Sidenote: At last night’s pub trivia the final question was “What are all the gifts from the ’12 Days of Christmas?'”  Having just watched the Muppets and Fallon, I had an ace in the hole.  I still could only name about 8 of the gifts (hey, what do you expect from a Jew with a terrible voice?), but thanks to Fozzie I knew that day 7 brought sevens swans a swimming.  Much appreciated, Fozz!

Enjoy!  Merry Muppet Christmas Eve!


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