Whew. Crisis Averted. Kristen Wiig Not Joining Weekend Update

I was just about to write a post expressing my disappointment with the news/rumors that Kristen Wiig would be taking Amy Poehler’s place at the Weekend Update desk alongside Seth Meyers.  To me, that’s a mistake.  The idea is to alleviate Wiig’s workload, not increase it.  And it doesn’t make sense to award her the anchor job at the expense of her presence in sketches, which would have surely suffered given the time commitment needed for Update.  Even though they definitely need to pepper the sketches with the new female cast members the show still requires healthy dose of Wiig, just not record setting levels.  Which is why I was happy to hear that the rumor was debunked.

However, in addition to not joining Update, they should also cut back on Wiig’s appearances on Update segments, like her frequent turns as travel writer Judy Grimes and film critic Aunt Linda.  The bits are amusing, but too similar to some of her other characters (although her personification of Barbie was inspired).Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Weekend Update guest segments have traditionally been a place where those cast members who don’t get much attention in the regular sketches can present their own material and grab some airtime, which is why you so often saw Tracey Morgan and Colin Quinn visiting the desk, and even Adam Sandler and his song stylings before that.  So this season they should cede Kristen Wiig’s spots on Update to others in the cast, specifically the trio of young ladies who will be defining their role in the show.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

But what of the vacant Update chair?  Should someone besides Wiig be the next chosen one?  Well, Amy Poehler is going to return for at least the first two episodes of Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday (premiering September 17), so it would probably be foolish to install another anchor for the regular weekend Weekend edition at the same time.  But after that, who knows?  Many consider the Poehler-Tina Fey partnership the recent high point for Update, and certainly Poehler and Seth Meyers had its shining moments, but in his nights alone last season I think Meyers proved that he has the chops to handle the anchor duties solo, at least for the foreseeable future.  Let us not forget that the segment was hosted by a single anchor since its return in 1985 with Dennis Miller until Lorne Michaels paired Fey with Jimmy Fallon in 2000.  So let Meyers continue to do a fine job by himself, frequently invite on the new ladies, and maybe one of them will excel and join the pantheon of Weekend Update anchors.  However, if that doesn’t happen and we’re treated to Seth Meyers all by his lonesome every week I think we’ll be fine.  Really.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Oh.  And one more recommendation.  More Nicolas Fehn.  Please.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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