The Edge is Really Serious About Being The Edge

Mr. The Edge

This past week’s Entertainment Weekly included a Q&A with U2’s The Edge about the new documentary It Might Get Loud, in which he appears with Jack Black and Jimmy Page. When asked if he has a favorite White Stripes song he responds,

“…I wrote this sketch of a song, which I was really excited about. I went over to my brother’s house and told him, ‘Dik, I gotta play you this new tune!’ After about 16 bars he says, ‘Edge, that is ‘Seven Nation Army.’ I said, ‘What? Get out of here. Is not!’ I went back and listened, and it wasn’t exactly, but it was way too close. I played it for Jack, and he was like, ‘Mmm, it’s a bit close, isn’t it?'”

Okay, so The Edge wrote a “Seven Nation Army” ripoff, no big deal.  But more importantly, The Edge makes his brother call him, “Edge?!”  You’d think between brothers “David” or “Dave” would be fine.  But I guess not.  Not only that, but The Edge gets to be The Edge while his brother remains “Dik.” Doesn’t seem fair.

I wonder what Bono’s brother Sheldon* calls his bro.

*This name is made up.  I don’t know if Bono even has a brother.**

**Oh, he does, and his name is Norman.***

***And according to Wikipedia Bono’s family has been referring to him as his stage name since adolescence.  Well, there you have it.

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