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Terry Gross Interviews Jason Schwartzman, Gets EVEN Closer to the Judd Apatow Chart

Around this time last year Fresh Air host Terry Gross interviewed directors Judd Apatow and Wes Anderson, asserting her place on the Judd Apatow Chart.  Last week she welcome Jason Schwartzman, who appeared in both films the directors discussed with Gross last fall, those being Funny People and The Fantastic Mr. Fox respectively.  Now that Gross has interviewed all three talents it’s clear now that she’s really angling to be included on our Apatow web. Well, Terry, you keep at it, and next time we do an update we’ll see what we can do.  If you could somehow finagle an appearance in one of their movies that would certainly be a big boost to your chances.

In addition to discussing his roles in Apatow and Anderson’s films, Schwartzman also talks about Bored to Death, as well as what it was like growing up in the Coppola family, so if you have 45 minutes, it’s worth a listen.

Listen to the Fresh Air Interview with Jason Schwartzman


And to stimulate your visual cortex, here’s a couple of our favorite Schwartzman moments:

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Terry Gross Interviews Wes Anderson, Really Fleshing Out Her Spot on Judd Apatow Chart

What a roll Terry Gross is on!  First, last Friday she had on Judd Apatow, and today she welcomed another auteur, Mr. Wes Anderson.  Now I can connect Apatow, Gross and Anderson on the 2nd Level of the Judd Apatow Chart!

Anderson joined Gross of Fresh Air to talk about his new stop-motion masterpiece Fantastic Mr. Fox (when I say masterpiece it sounds sarcastic, but it’s not intended to be.  The film is truly excellent).  The Texan native talks about what drew him to the Roald Dahl book, how he unknowingly based some characters on himself and his older brother, and how they turned to Bob Fosse for inspiration.  Terry Gross talks about cat postcards.

Listen here–> Wes Anderson Covers New Ground with “Mr. Fox”

Say what you want about Wes Anderson (and a lot has already been said), but he is one of the true visionary geniuses working today.  He gets a lot of criticism for his obsessive devotion to the most minute details.  But it’s one thing have an obsessive devotion to the most minute details, and it’s another thing to have an obsessive devotion to the most minute details and create these unbelievably vivid, unique, and charming worlds.  He has begun to reuse the same tropes and devices, but they are his tropes and devices, and how many directors have created such a distinct style with such a small sample of work?  Not many.

And if you still want more Anderson and details on Fox, here’s a behind the scenes featurette:

Unfortunately, Gross will not be hosting one of our favorite writer-directors tomorrow.  Well, you can’t hit a home run everyday.

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Finally We Can Add Terry Gross to the Judd Apatow Chart!

Well, not really.  Not unless he casts her in his next movie.  But maybe this time instead of stand-up comedians he’ll focus on the textured lives public radio personalities.  Anyway!

Been a long time since we talked about Judd Apatow on here (some might say too long), but Apatow was on Fresh Air with Terry Gross today, primarily to promote the DVD (and Blu-Ray!) release of Funny People (in both in Theatrical and Unrated editions!  So many choices!  Digital Download!).  Of course he also touched on Freaks & Geeks, casting his children in his movies, his history with Adam Sandler, and the one time while waiting to meet with Lorne Michaels he was overcome with weed paranoia.  A must listen for any Apatow completist.  A recommended listen for anyone who’s interested in the craft of comedy.  A marginally encouraged listen for anyone who likes interviews, specifically public radio interviews.  A must not listen for anyone who hates fun and/or does not have internet access.

Here –>  Judd Apatow on the Alchemy of Funny People

Speaking of Funny People, and what would a quick post be without some sorta unnecessary commentary, while the movie was bloated and somewhat self-involved, I think that it will benefit from the passage of time.  It wasn’t the kind of movie that lends itself to being seen in the theater with a full cackling, popcorn flying in the air from spastic laughter, kind of audience.  It’s probably best viewed from the couch, with microwave popcorn in hand (and all the better!  Did you read the new study on the caloric content of movie theater popcorn?  It’s outrageous!  Still going to buy it every time) and the flexibility to pause the film for (several) bathroom breaks.  It moves at a glacial pace, but there was some good acting being done there, and it’s certainly Apatow’s most personal, introspective movie.  The “you know how I know you’re gay?” jokes might not hold up in twenty years, but the sentiments and humanity in Funny People might.  It’s just not that funny.

And finally, an excuse for this, the best part about Funny People!

(and yes, that includes Randy.  He’s a close second.  Followed by Eric Bana)

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