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We Did It America!

Finally!  We’re invited to join the vaunted Pizza Hut e-Rewards® Opinion Panel.  We started to believe this day would never come.  What an honor.

Unfortunately, we have to decline the offer.  As humbled as we are to be considered for this tremendous opportunity, we just don’t think we can commit the level of time and energy that a responsibility like this requires and deserves.  We would be doing ourselves, Pizza Hut and pizza lovers everywhere a disservice if we couldn’t offer one hundred and ten percent; it wouldn’t be fair to them and it wouldn’t be fair to you.  So, Pizza Hut, thank you so much, and we hope this does not tarnish what we had and we can continue to stuff your “pizza” down our throats.

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This is the 2nd greatest thing Pizza Hut could do.

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Pizza Hut

Could you even imagine????

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We FINALLY Weigh-In On the Super Bowl XLV Commercials

Boy, are we glad we bailed out the auto industry.  So they could spend money on helicopters, Greek gods, aliens and ancient civilizations.  All in one commercial!

Also, what?  That’s not cool, right?

Also, why does Coca-Cola even bother coming up with ideas to fill 30 seconds. Their worldwide brand awareness is 110%.  Just have a single title card that says “Why waste any more money on this commercial?  You know who we are and nothing we do here will make you more likely to drink Coke.  So for the next 25 seconds here are some puppies.’  Now that’s a commercial!

We did really like this one:

But this was our favorite:

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Okay, Fine.

You win, Pizza Hut.

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Friday Muppet Video! Kermit is Not a Whore!

Is this a tradition?!?

As I’ve previously mentioned, I normally will not tolerate any kind of Muppet mockery (stoned Kermit, for example).  However, this protection over the brand also extends to employ of the actual Muppets themselves.  It’s been almost 20 years since Jim Henson left us prematurely, and then ownership of our puppet friends has changed hands twice, first to a German company and then finally to Disney, so there’s cause for concern that the Muppets might be whored out for commercials not worthy of the Muppet name (and, no, I am not including the Pizza Hut spots.  Those combine two things I love), or forced into new, edgy personas in an attempt to be more relevant; less Sesame Street and more Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.  It was then with great trepidation that I watched a video posted by Gawker TV entitled, “Kermit is a Giant Slut on the Today Show.”

Fortunately, it was not as bad as the title indicated.  The “lewd pop-culture reference” teased by Gawker seemed to me more like just a pop-culture reference, perhaps a biting one, kicking a tiger while he’s down, but not quite lewd.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In fact, I kind of prefer this segment to an earlier one in the show when Ms. Piggy made a rather obvious (and perhaps cruder) Swine Flu quip.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’ll take relevant feline humor over lame porcine jokes any day of the week.

Good work, Muppets!  Way to not debase yourselves to meet the normal Today Show level of discourse.

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Before Pizza Hut Hit the Jackpot with Jim Bruer They Made Commericals Like This

While we put together some thoughts on The Office and SNL, let’s start off the new week with an old favorite:


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