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‘American Idol’: I Went to Las Vegas and All I Got Was This Lousy Wedding

Remember guy, what happens in Vegas is broadcast to 20 million Americans:

Next time (because you’re probably already divorced by now), here’s how you do a Vegas wedding right.

Also, for some reason we could really go for a Coke right now.  For like three weeks we were craving Vitamin Water, but all the sudden we really want some Classic Coca-Cola and have no idea why.

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We FINALLY Weigh-In On the Super Bowl XLV Commercials

Boy, are we glad we bailed out the auto industry.  So they could spend money on helicopters, Greek gods, aliens and ancient civilizations.  All in one commercial!

Also, what?  That’s not cool, right?

Also, why does Coca-Cola even bother coming up with ideas to fill 30 seconds. Their worldwide brand awareness is 110%.  Just have a single title card that says “Why waste any more money on this commercial?  You know who we are and nothing we do here will make you more likely to drink Coke.  So for the next 25 seconds here are some puppies.’  Now that’s a commercial!

We did really like this one:

But this was our favorite:

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