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Remember That Time Vulture Ripped Us Off?

We joke a lot on this blog about people ripping us off – Stephen Colbert, Entertainment Weekly, Paul F. Tompkins (which resulted in a bitter Twitter feud) – but when were never as wounded as we were when we saw a new Vulture post presenting their “Map of the Comedy Zeitgeist.”  Why did we find this so alarming, so soul crushing?  Well, because it’s essentially an updated (and much, much prettier) version of our Judd Apatow Chart, which we used to launch this blog those three years ago.  Sure, the idea that there are these overlapping connections in the comedy world, most of which are tethered to the likes of Apatow, Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell, and Paul Rudd, has been oft-explored for several years now.  But never before has there been a graphic representation that feels so close to ours, so similar (and yet so much more visually appealing).  Thus, we will not rest until we receive the credit we are due.  In protest we will continue to read, appreciate and occasionally steal from Vulture.

Are we being paranoid?  Hyperbolizing?  Take a look and you decide.




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Two Years Later, Our Judd Apatow Chart Reaches Judd Apatow!

Well, maybe not exactly.  It’s possible he still hasn’t seen it.  Or maybe just took a cursory glance.  But he definitely saw our Tweet from last night, linking to the Judd Apatow Chart in commemoration of the Blu-Ray release of The Cable Guy.  How do we know he saw it?  Because he retweeted it:

We did it guys!  Nearly two years later, we finally got through.  Now we can say this blog was not created in vain.

So, Judd, thank you so much for taking the time to click “retweet.”  We know that sounds sarcastic, but we certainly don’t mean it that way.  Just the fact that you paused for a second to acknowledge our work gives us renewed inspiration.  So to all you new Jumped the Snark readers, brought here by Apatow’s retweet, welcome and get ready.  We could retire now and be satisfied, but we’re not going to stop here.  Hate to break it to you, every out there, but now we’re emboldened to do even more.

And, why not, let’s end this with a little Gordon Crisp.  Possibly our favorite three seconds of all-time.

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Gratuitous Search Term Bait of the Day: Judd Apatow Effect!

Apparently someone actually searched for the “Judd Apatow effect” today, so they made it super easy for us.  That’s the project that launched this blog (and nothing we’ve done since, or likely will do, will surpass it).  So, we proudly, once again, present the Judd Apatow Effect (although, it’s in major need of an update.  Maybe that’s a job for the intern (still us)):

click the image to see the whole effect

Thanks for the alley-oop, whoever you are out there in cyberspace! 

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