The Ultimate Eugene Levy in ‘American Pie’ Showdown – We Have a Winner!

And it’s Jim’s Dad!

More specifically, it’s Jim’s Dad from the first American Pie, the original Jim’s Dad, the real McCoy, the progenitor of all other Jim’s Dads, the Jim’s Dad who started it all.

But it wasn’t easy, no way. Jim’s Dad in American Pie faced a herculean task in taking on the newest Jim’s Dad of them all, Jim’s Dad in American Reunion. Jim’s Dad in American Pie age certainly showed  his age, as Jim’s Dad in American Reunion was easily the quicker, more agile of the two Jim’s Dads. However, you don’t get to be the genuine Jim’s Dad from American Pie without learning a thing or two, and using his years of experience, his guile, and his intimate knowledge of Jim’s Dads culled from over a decade of being a Jim’s Dad, Jim’s Dad from American Pie was able to outlast and vanquish Jim’s Dad from American Reunion. Jim’s Dad from American Pie, we salute you as the Ultimate Eugene Levy as Jim’s Dad in American Pie.

Well, that’s the end of this tournament. We’ll see you again when, God-willing, the next film in the American Pie empire is released. Thanks to everyone who voted and, once again, congrats to Jim’s Dad in American Pie, and a big debt of gratitude to all the Jim’s Dads in the American Pie franchise who competed. You’re all the best Jim’s Dad in our book!

And remember, The A.V. Club, that this is one part of the American Pie universe that you won’t find anywhere in the American Pie Wiki (yet).

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