The Ultimate Eugene Levy in ‘American Pie’ Showdown – FINALS!

Well, after what could only be described as a bloodbath, a display of violence so grotesque it rivals the Mortal Kombat tournaments, only two Eugene Levys are left standing in our Ultimate Eugene Levy in American Pie Showdown: the old guard, the wily veteran, Jim’s Dad in American Pie, and the new kid on the block, the upper and comer but still older and wiser, Jim’s Dad in American Reunion.  It’s not just a clash of titans, it’s a clash of generations, a clash of millennia.  For over a decade Jim’s Dad in the original American Pie has been known as the preeminent Jim’s Dad in American Pie, but Jim’s Dad in American Reunion is looking to change all that.  Two Jim’s Dads in American Pie will go in, but only one Jim’s Dad in American Pie will come out.

Don’t get any on you.

The finals start…right now!  Vote early and vote often.

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