Muppet Friday: If You Didn’t Love Jim Henson Already Then You Will Now

And, come to think of it, if you didn’t love Jim Henson already then you probably hate this blog (and we hate you).

Everyone’s favorite PBS affiliate, Iowa Public Television, has unearthed a charming video from 1969 featuring Jim Henson teaching local Ioawans how to craft their own homemade Muppets.  Watching this little gem, it’s no wonder that the Muppets just years later make Henson a household name.  I’d like to attempt one of these little guys, but I think there’s just something special about Henson that brings the creatures to life.  Just as soon as he slips his hand in they seem to become living, breathing entities.  Also, eyes really help.

This reminds me, if you’re still looking for a birthday gift for me (only 2 months left!), I’m still hoping for one of these.

Vulture via BoingBoing

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