You Can Call Me Mr. The Boss

Ding!  Ding!  Let’s get it on! The quiche is ready. Dance! And they’re off! Class is in session!

In one of our first blog posts, almost exactly a year ago, we touted with glee the announcement of a new A&E reality series featuring Tony “Tony” Danza, our favorite former boxer-actor-tap dancer-talk show host.  TV, and the world, had been without Danza for too long.  And after a long year of waiting, Teach Tony Danza is nearly here.  Behold!

I know it sounds crazy, but I actually think that Danza might prove himself to be a decent teacher, at least an eager, enthusiastic leader.  I know I should be completely cynical and jaded about this sort of thing by now, but I guess reality TV hasn’t totally broken my spirit just yet.  Help us Tony Danza, you’re our only hope.

And join in on the campaign to get Danza on Twitter! #TwitterDanza

No word yet if a Vincent Barbarino is enrolled at Philadelphia’s Northeast High School.

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